Find Out which Toppik Product is Right for you

Find Out which Toppik Product is Right for you

Find Out which Toppik Product is Right for you

Every day, we are exposed to environmental hazards that prove detrimental to our hair and scalp. These may lead to hair damage, thinning of the hair and even worse, hair loss. We invest loads of money of how to address this, but what we seem to forget is to reassess these products on a regular basis. You may not be getting your money’s worth, nor the care your hair really needs.

Good thing, we are here to help you find out which is the best AND quick solution to your hair thinning problems.

Now, the question is which TOPPIK product suit you the most?

Knowing the right product for your will save your hair from falling out. Toppik offers many solutions for thinning hair and hair loss, but we want to make sure you’re using the correct product first. Knowing the differences between each product, and the type of hair loss you have, will make using our hair loss solutions that much easier


1. Thinning Hair or Hair that’s completely gone? TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers is a quick cosmetic fix to thinning hair. The fibers are made of natural Keratin protein which binds with the existing hair strands through its static charge. It is good to note that it will not work with a completely bald head, one that has no more hair follicles, and instead will fill in early stages of balding spots. It’s wind, rain, water, and sweat-resistant so you’re ensured that the fibers will stay put.

See Toppik accessories for precise application here. 2. You don’t experience thinning hair yet? (But would like to save yourself early on)

Then Toppik Hair Building Shampoo and Conditioner is your answer. The combined action of these two products helps strengthen, repair, and revitalize thin, thinning, or damaged hair. It also nourishes the hair so that it stays stronger, healthier and thicker-looking. It’s sulfate-free and paraben-free. Use this shampoo and conditioner daily, for best results and to encourage hair regrowth.

3. Want to style your thinning hair? Don’t be scared, you can absolutely do that!

There are several options from Toppik that you can choose from:

(1) the Colored Hair Thickener instantly fills thinning areas while giving the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. It has unique pigments match your hair color and hide exposed scalp


(2) Toppik Hair Fattener is a concentrated hair styling serum that adds volume, shine, and thickness.



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