Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Choose from these various volume-boosting hairstyles for fine hair.


Give yourself a deep side part, then smooth out your hair with a flat iron to achieve a polished finish.


Instead of disguising your hair, this style is one that actually looks better with thinner locks. A wispy, skinny side ponytail with a few face-framing pieces on each side looks delicate and sweet.


For a style that takes your whole look back to the 1920s, try a mostly flat, gelled-down hairdo that flares and curls right at the ends — perfect for women with long bobs.




Plump up your standard ponytail by French braiding one side, making it stick out a little further from your scalp without looking unrefined or messy. For a more polished and cleaner look without the gaps and scalp show-throughs, apply the right amount of Toppik Hair Building Fibers in your shade. 

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