5 food in your fridge that can help in your Hair Loss

5 food in your fridge that can help in your Hair Loss

5 food in your fridge that can help in your Hair Loss


You are what you eat. Your diet plays an important role in your overall condition and yes, the primary indicators for poor health are usually your hair and skin.

No matter how much oils, ointments, and creams you put on, if you don’t get enough vitamins, and nutrients that your body needs to function properly, you will continue to experience these anomalies – hair loss, dry scalp, dry hair, etc. Good thing, we found five food item you might have in your fridge to address this problem.

Eggs are rich in biotin, a B vitamin essential for hair growth and overall scalp health. Biotin is naturally found in the intestines, and deficiency is very rare. But in the case of biotin deficiency, hair loss is very likely. So don’t forget the sunny side up in your breakfast plate! You’ll thank us later. (You’re welcome!)



Oysters contain high levels of zinc which primarily promotes tissue growth – this includes hair growth. It helps the oil glands around the hair follicles to work properly. Low levels of zinc in your body can lead to hair loss, slow hair growth, and even dandruff. Although too much can inhibit the body from absorbing copper, a minor but necessary mineral. 



Sweet Potatoes are in rich in beta-carotene. Once the body absorbs the beta-carotene in the food, it is converted to Vitamin A – a vitamin that is essential for all cell growth, including the hair. Without Vitamin A, your hair has the tendency to be dry, dull and lifeless. But too much can also lead to hair loss.


Bell Peppers (Red, yellow, and green) are a great source of vitamin C, which is necessary for growing healthy hair. Vitamin C ensures that there is enough iron in the blood cells to carry oxygen to the hair follicles. Vitamin C also aids in collagen formation – a structural fibre that helps our bodies hold everything together. Hair follicles, blood vessels, and skin all require collagen to stay healthy for optimal growth. Even minor vitamin C deficiencies can lead to dry, splitting hair that breaks easily.



Lentils are full of iron-rich protein that is necessary for all cell growth, including hair cells. Hair gets its structure from hardened proteins called keratin. Without enough protein for keratin, hair grows more slowly, and the individual strands that do grow are weaker. 



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